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Have you decided to delve yourself into the career of dentistry, but would rather not go through the 7 years of school and residency but rather a more practical role as a dental assistant. If this is you  and this  is your calling, you are in the right place.  The Dental Assistant job duties include preparing and taking X-rays for doctors to examine, filing patient records, in addition to preparing fluoride sealants for your patients given the proper certification.  Dental assistants also help people feel comfortable while receiving anesthetics and are the assistants to the doctor supplying him or her with the proper tools while performing tooth procedures.


According to the bureau of labor statistics,  dental assistant jobs are expected to increase by 18%. This means there will be a higher demand in the market and more accessibility to these careers. Let’s explore why this is happening.  First Massachusetts Health Insurance is one of the best in the country and providing dental care insurance means more clients coming in for check ups, and taking care of their teeth. The need for dental assistants has increased  across Massachusetts and with proper training, you would be able to get a job at any dental office.


If you would like to find out more about how Boston Career Institute prepares it’s students for an exhilarating career as a dental assistant please visit  https://bostoncareer.org/dental-assistant/ or Contact Us Now to speak to one of our career specialists to walk you through the whole process. https://bostoncareer.org/contact-us/