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Become a Clinical Assistant in the Health Care Field !

Have you always been interested in helping people? Do you get an adrenaline rush out of drawing blood or examining bodily fluids and organisms in the body to detect diseases? This career path may be the one for you.
To work as a clinical assistant means you play a very critical role in determining an individual’s health. With the use of high-tech microscopes and laboratory equipment. You assist doctors with the evaluation of a person’s diagnosis.

How BCI Prepares you For This Career

Clinical Assistants are in high demand and are expected to remain that way as they play a vital role in hospitals, labs and clinical centers all across the country. This career path is not for the faint of heart, it requires excellent judgment and strong clinical skills.

At BCI this is exactly what we provide to you. We introduce you to the field and provide the training you need to go on and become a professional clinical assistant. This includes training in real life simulation classes where you learn about EKG testing, ECG testing, urinalysis among others. The beauty about attending BCI for your career is that you gain hands-on experience directly in the field you are going after. You graduate with a level of readiness that is untouched and thus ready to work in the Clinical field immediately.

At BCI, you can rest assured that you complete the program you have always envisioned for yourself. Through their career education program, you receive the right guidance in the field that you have chosen. BCI staff assists you in becoming successful as Clinical Assistant. This is the goal for everyone that attends Boston Career Institute.

Learn more about becoming a Clinical Assistant today by visiting us online at https://bostoncareer.org/ or call us at 888-383-6058