Thank you for considering BCI. We are proud of our tradition of excellence and relevancy in career education.
Boston CAreer Institute

About us

BCI – Boston Career Institute is a not-for-profit private career school. Started in 2002 as a for profit school under the Massachusetts Department of Education (now Division of Professional Licensure – DPL). Later BCI became a not-for-profit private career school in 2014, in order to greater access to career education for a greater diversity of students and to better serve the community. In the process we grew to three campuses in Brookline, Malden and Lowell Massachusetts.

Our student body is diverse, spanning all age groups of employment eligible adults with career interests in allied health. BCI has enrollees in varying stages of completion towards their certification in Information Science, Medical, Dental technology and associated disciplines. In order to better accommodate the needs of our students, the School maintains open enrollment so that an efficient pathway into the professional work environment is available to all.

BCI selects its faculty very carefully. They are composed of professionals, academics and experts in their respective fields, with extensive industry experience. Our classes are made up of theory, lab, and internships; all of which are designed to ensure that the graduate is fully capable of achieving excellence in their chosen occupation.

BCI certification is well respected by the employers. It represents the student’s ability meeting a proficient standard; having completed the requisite training as prescribed by the various industrial, state, and national licensing bodies. More importantly, BCI’s certification accredits the graduates demonstrated ability to adhere to the strict code of ethics required of a medical professional. Our internship program is a fertile ground for growing this strong skill core. There, our students work hand in hand with health care professionals in a real clinical setting, getting the experience that class alone cannot provide.

Certification at BCI is not merely to evidence completion but, and more importantly, it speaks to proficiency of the graduate from a particular program. Such skill is required and expected of all students.

Our education model appeals to both full time students, and working students.

Making education a holistic and rewarding experience, BCI maintains diversity of its student body. In furtherance of this goal, BCI partners with the Federal Government in providing M1 and M2 visas through the SEVIS program. Having students with such significant differences in their outlook and background serves to enhance the experience at BCI and, as importantly, rewards the Visa student with a richer educational experience to take back home.

Our educational model has been chosen so as to guide the student’s progression into the workplace by placing a strong emphasis on supervised internship. BCI believes doing the job that one ultimately desires is critical to being an effective and long term employee.

Historically BCI graduates have an impressive job placement rate in their chosen field within six months of graduation. It is our intention to maintain this excellence as we grow and diversify.

Education provides enlightenment and prideful accomplishments!

healthcare students in class

Mission Statement

The official mission of BCI is to bring skill based education to all persons wanting Careers in allied health care.

Choose BCI!

BCI has become an established institution in the Boston regional area. Our Students are typically commuter in nature. A typical student lives and/or works within 25 miles from the campus, maintains a job and family responsibilities.

BCI works with employers so as to make our program offerings relevant!

In an ongoing effort to maintain this relevancy, BCI convenes an advisory panel composed of members from the local chamber of commerce, Alumni, Intern Proctors, Employers, and other feeder schools and agencies. This panel ensures that a constant oversight and adjustment to our curricula is maintained. The institution uses established curricula that have been reviewed by administrative and educational committees. Additionally, instructors are permitted and encouraged to submit new course syllabi and have them reviewed for instructional implementation.

Students, while completing their internship, are mentored in resume’ submissions, and introduced to potential local area employers. It is possible that students convert their internship assignments into full time employment. The remaining completers typically self-identify job opportunities. BCI endeavors to interact with the employment efforts regardless of the source of the opportunity.

Career development professionals, on staff at the institution, prepare placement guideline recommendations for every student. This is done with input from the instructors. They provide written and interactive support for the student in the job placement activity. Employers are provided with the faculty contact information and are invited to provide feedback to the instructors regarding the student placed with them.

BCI leases space of appropriate type facilities in suburban/urban settings. Classrooms are of adequate size and configuration for the students to have an appropriate experience. Labs are equipped with equipment suitable for the course work and meet all state codes. Students are provided with adequate facilities for leisure and study time. However, the institution does not provide any residential facilities, as the institute is commuter oriented. Both the Main campus and the satellite present a safe and stimulating environment.

All employees, staff, and students are governed by health and safety standards for their work. Additionally all employees and staff have in-force health coverage. The institute maintains a mandatory accident and injury reporting system, which requires immediate documentation of all incidents.

Our refund policy for non-financial aid students relating to tuition, fees, and other charges collected from students for attending programs at the institution employs a pro-rata formula which permits up to a full refund of the tuition (less matriculation fee) provided that the student notifies the institution prior to five days in advance of the start of their scheduled course work. BCI is a not for profit school; as such, it is not subject to refund provisions of M.G.L. Chapter 255 Section 13k. Notwithstanding, BCI provides full paid in Tuition refunds to students who withdraw prior to their program commencement date. Further, the student shall receive a partial refund, 50% of their Tuition paid subject to a minimum retained tuition of $500.00, if they withdraw after commencement and within the first 2 weeks. No refund shall be given after such time. The student acknowledges that the $50.00 administrative fee is not subject to refund at any time. Refunds are computed and processed within 2 weeks of notification of withdrawal from the class. Title IV financial aid students should refer to the Title IV refund schedule which is significantly different.