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Hospital Central Service Technician

Hospital Central Service Technician

Help Save Lives Today!

Did you ever want to be a hero who saves lives every day and gets paid for it? Hospital Central Service Technicians do just that!
Surgeons perform lifesaving and life changing procedures every hour of every day and yet, they are powerless to do so without the men and women who work day and night to provide the surgeons with the tools they need to operate safely and effectively.

Hospital Central Service Technicians also play a vital role in stemming the spread of deadly infections in the hospital that destroy lives and cost millions of dollars.

Hospital Central Service Technicians work with the most advanced surgical instruments, guided optical systems, robotic surgical systems and endoscopes, all part of a day’s work for the Hospital Central Service Technician.

Your success is assured – Learn to Earn!
We will teach you and support you in every step of the way and guide you on a path to the international certification. Clinical internships are available with many hospitals in the greater Boston area.

Hospital Central Service Technician
The Hospital Central Service Technician is a highly trained and skilled professional in the field of infection control entrusted with maintaining, storing and delivering sterile instruments to surgeons and other specialists within a hospital setting.

In demand:
Due to the surging demand for in and outpatient surgical procedures in hospitals and free standing surgical centers, the outlook for job growth in this sector is extremely positive. Laws enacted by States as well as rules adapted by individual hospitals requiring national and / or state certification continue to drive the demand for skilled and certified personnel.

Upon successful completion, graduates are eligible to register for the CRCST (Certified Registered Central Service Technician) certification examination through HSPA (Healthcare Sterile Processing Association). Students are provided all examination preparation materials and receive ongoing test preparation support and guidance from our caring and knowledgeable instructors.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Assembly of surgical kits
  • Sterilization of surgical instruments
  • Storage of Sterile Surgical Instruments
  • Inventory Management
  • Hospital Infection Control
  • Surgical Equipment Repair
  • Surgical Equipment Sales
  • Endoscope Reprocessing
  • Staff Education
  • Department Management