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General Information for International Students

BCI Inc. is offering M1 visas for properly qualified International Students under the SEVP (Student Exchange Visitor Program) and administered under the SEVIS (Student Exchange Visitor Information System.)

What this means:

In short, a student otherwise appropriate for one of BCI approved programs, may study in the United States and attend one of our Boston Campuses. They will stay here for so long as they remain properly enrolled as a student at BCI. In addition, BCI will assist in securing the necessary documentation and approvals for their immediate family members and dependents to accompany them.

BCI is responsible to the U.S. government as to accountability of all foreign students entering the U.S. under this program to study at BCI.

Only certain of BCI’s programs are available for the M1 visa program. These programs are:

Attend BCI!

If you are ready to proceed with the first steps towards enrollment, complete the Preliminary Visa Application.

How to Apply: Begin the process by contacting BCI either by email sevis@bostoncareer.org or by calling 781-517-7840. You will receive detailed information about the program offerings and the respective costs. You will be invited to fill out an online Advance Application for Foreign Students (AAFS). This will involve collecting various information from you and uploading certain documents onto our server. Once completed you will be asked to pay a $75.00 file processing fee.

Once your Advance Application has been reviewed and assessed by the SEVIS team at BCI, you will receive an email response outlining the next steps. If the SEVIS team and you agree that BCI is a viable solution to your training needs, and that it appears likely that you would receive an M1 Visa, a more detailed enrollment process would commence. In addition to the regular enrollment documents, you will be required to open a student account through Boston Career Institute in which you would place adequate funds to cover your tuition, and living expenses while at BCI. You would also advance pay a non-refundable Foreign Student Processing Fee of $1,250.00. Although non-refundable, BCI will return this fee should the applicant be unable to secure a Visa despite doing all those things prescribed by BCI and the USCIS.

Once all the paperwork has been collected and processed through SEVIS and BCI’s student enrollment system. You will be advised of a potential commencement date. Upon your selecting commencement date from those offered, you will be issued by Post, a package containing all the documentation necessary to secure an M1 Visa.

You will make an appointment with the local U.S. consulate in your country to submit your passport for a Visa. Upon receiving the Visa, you are responsible to notify your BCI SEVIS advocate, and make arrangement to commence your studies. Any further details necessary to travel to Boston and commence your program will be organized at this time.

It is estimated that this process should take 4 to 6 weeks to complete.

Information for international students