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For all aspiring Doctors (MD, DMD, DDS), Physician Assistants (PA),
Nurse Practitioners (NP), Nurses (RN).

 – BCI, Boston Career Institute is a not for profit career school that has been providing skill-based training to college students seeking admission to Medical and Dental Schools as Well As PA and NP programs for over 20 years.

Motivated undergraduate students take advantage of our programs to gain required clinical experience necessary for admission to graduate clinical programs while saving time and money.

Our short-term, high-impact, skill-driven programs provide for high-level clinical skill development and in some cases, offer professional internships, pathway to national certifications and state licensure where available.

Some of the benefits of our programs include:

  • Develop Excellent Clinical Skills
  • Fulfill clinical experience requirements for program admission
  • Learn about Medicine / Dentistry before committing to graduate studies
  • Secure an internship – Programs Only
  • Meet high professionals and mentors who often serve as references for further education and program admission
  • Qualify to secure professional employment in healthcare
  • Sit in for a National Certification Examination – MA, MOA, Phlebotomy Programs Only
  • Secure a Mass State License as a Dental Assistant (Excellent experience for aspiring Dentists)
  • Gain professional confidence and get ahead of the pack

Reach out to your on-campus student organization/club or contact us for further instructions.

Call today and schedule a personal interview for the most current information: 888-383-6058