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Deciding to get a career in the  Health Administration industry is one of the most rewarding achievements. Why? A career in the health sector guarantees you a job working directly in the field, with competitive pay. Hospitals and clinics are always in need of trained individuals to work with them to take care of patients. Whether it be directly in the doctor’s office as a medical  office assistant helping the doctors with examining patients, or as a part of the medical office staff assisting with billing. The possibilities are bountiful, you can be sure to succeed with the help at the Boston career institute.

How BCI prepares you for a career in Health Administration

At Boston Career Institute, Our skilled professors  will not only teach you invaluable skills that you will need, but they train you on the field to make sure you are prepared for the position you have decided to make a career out of. BCI offers many programs to prepare you for a career in the healthcare field.

Are you inclined towards the administration of a hospital or clinic and would rather work in an office environment. BCI offers medical office assistant and medical billing and coding program. These programs prepare you how to register patients when they come into the doctor’s office, fill out insurance claim forms, appointment scheduling and much more. As a medical office personnel, you are the main person a patient sees when visiting the doctor or hospital. With a career in the medical office administration, you hold a vital position in handling patient information and filing. You will help in assisting the patients that come in but will also help the doctor by recording  all information in regards to a patient’s health in the exam room.  


If you are a people person and would like to get into a career in the Health Administration industry look no further than BCI to prepare you for a career of  a lifetime.


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