Boston Career Institute (BCI Inc.)
Financial Aid Overview

BCI has gone to great lengths to make career-oriented education affordable.  Notwithstanding, providing the educational services necessary to graduate employable students is a challenge that constantly needs adjustment.  This process, unfortunately, drives up costs.

Nevertheless, the cost of attending BCI remains highly affordable. Yet it is understandable that many students need financial assistance while working toward their Career Goals. During the admissions process every individual can A Financial Aid Administrator is available to assist you during your admissions process. As we understand this process can be confusing and stressful, we can assist you with an individual and provide meeting to go over documentation, explore Financial Aid options that you may qualify for.

What is Financial Aid?

Financial aid refers to funding intended to help students pay expenses related to their education. Sources may be from grants, scholarships and work-study programs from federal, state, institutional and private sources. Financial aid from these programs may be combined in an “award package” to meet or defray from the cost of education.

Financial Aid is not intended to cover all basic living expenses. However, in many cases it is available to help students achieve their college goals without placing a financial burden on their families.

Financial aid may be awarded based on merit or need. Merit-based aid is awarded based on the recognition of special skills, talents, or academic ability. Need-based aid is awarded based on the applicant demonstrating financial need for the award.