Boston Career Institute (BCI Inc.)
BCI Email Policy


When students are admitted to BCI they are assigned a BCI Email Account. Students must login with their Email address and password. The Office of Financial Aid will communicate with students via their BCI Email address. Additionally, course assignments and notifications are provided only through this account. Students must agree to regularly use and check (at least once a day) this email address as part of their enrollment at BCI. Failure to check this email account at the minimum interval is a violation of the student’s enrollment and, like attendance, may be grounds for suspension or expulsion.

Students are advised that the BCI Email account remains the property of BCI and they have a right to unlimited use except as to the following prohibitions:

  • They may not use the email account to send, forward, or disseminate in any manner -, sexually exploitive materials as defined by state and federal laws.
  • They may not use the email account to proselytize for either political or religious memberships.
  • They may not use the email account to threaten or bully anyone.
  • They may not use the email account to incite others for any illegal purpose.

Lastly, although BCI intends and commits to maintain the privacy of each students email accounts and information; the Student acknowledges that BCI will use, both automated and manual, means to ensure compliance with the above guidelines.

Moreover, should BCI determine that the student has misused the account in a manner which may be a violation of either State or Federal law, BCI shall notify the appropriate authorities as to the alleged infraction.

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