Boston Career Institute (BCI Inc.)
Admissions Policy

BCI takes pride in having an all-inclusive student body. Academic pre-requisites for admissions are very streamlined. All enrollees are required to have a high school diploma or equivalent. In cases where it is difficult to assess the scholastic background of an applicant due to loss of records, closure of schools or nontraditional education, BCI may require the applicant to complete a GED. In exceptional cases, an academic and administrative panel may inquire as to the skills for an applicant. This may entail custom testing to ensure the applicants have the competency and skills necessary to complete the program d e s i r e d .

All students must maintain a listening, reading, and writing skill in English. Students who are not able to demonstrate minimal English language skills may be required to participate in remedial English courses prior to being matriculated.

All students will undergo a CORI background check in order to determine theirsuitability for work in the program selection area. The student will be charged a nominal fee for processing the CORI.

If a student does not pass a CORI challenge they will be required to sign an acknowledgment form which will exclude them from statistical completion reporting.