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For healthcare students seeking employment in the industry, but who would prefer to work in the waiting room over the operating room, medical office administration is the perfect choice. Medical office administrators are the lifeblood of every medical or dental practice. They are more than just receptionists. Medical office administrators oversee the entire medical or dental practice to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

When one thinks of a medical office administrator’s tasks, the first that usually comes to mind is answering phones. However, medical office administrators are responsible for so much more. Scheduling appointments, keeping patient records organized and ensuring the practice is sufficiently stocked with medical supplies are all important tasks that administrators complete on a daily basis.

Not everyone is cut out to be a successful medical office administrator. The best medical office administrators are personable and polite to patients and colleagues, are team players, and have excellent organizational skills. As responsibilities can quickly change, medical office administrators must be adapt to changing priorities on a regular basis.

Another prerequisite for medical office administration is understanding medical terminology and procedures that the practice offers. Medical office administrators must be able to have coherent conversations with current and potential patients and be familiar with basic medical vocabulary.

Perhaps most importantly, medical office administrators must have a calming demeanor and be able to deal with people from all walks of life. It is not uncommon to have to deal with patients who are visibly or verbally upset, and office administrators must be able to defuse a situation in which a patient is being hostile.

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