If you’re seeking employment in a fast-paced profession that is always in high demand, look no further than the clinical assistant/phlebotomy field. Clinical assistants are among the most important personnel in any medical office. From drawing blood from patients to taking vital signs, clinical assistants are responsible for a number of tasks relating to patient care. Clinical assistants are typically one of the first people that patients interact with, and as such, it is imperative that their duties are performed efficiently, diligently and properly. Clinical assistants/phlebotomists ensure that patient visits get off to an extremely smooth start.

While clinical assistants may also take on administrative duties, including filing patient records and scheduling appointments, the primary role of a phlebotomist is drawing blood to be used for testing, transfusion or donation purposes. All of these tasks could potentially save someone’s life (the patient included), making the task critical.

BCI’s Clinical Assistant and Phlebotomy Program

BCI’s Clinical Assitant and Phlebotomy program is designed to both educate students and prepare them in a real-world environment. Clinical assistant and phlebotomy students are taught using a hands-on approach that exposes them to actual medical equipment and supplies. Students leave the program having gained a wealth of relevant experience and knowledge that will serve them during their entire career in healthcare.

Clinical assistants and phlebotomy are always in high demand and are called upon on a daily basis. BCI’s clinical assistant and phlebotomist students frequently find employment at well-respected hospitals and medical practices in the Greater Boston area.

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